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Tip #3: How to Measure Your Coding Skills
There’s nothing quite like the feeling of understanding a coding concept that would have baffled you a few weeks ago.
But can you describe how well you understand it?
Beyond the resume implications, measuring your grasp of a coding skill can help determine when you’re ready to move on to the next one. That’s why getting that measurement right is so important.
How Sasha.Codes does it
Sasha is a web developer who’s built websites and scripts for Apple, HP, and more. She also regularly shares coding tips and resources on Instagram and Codepen.
Sasha’s currently learning Vue.js on Codecademy, so we asked her to explain how (and why) she’s evaluating her skills as she learns.
She emphasizes the importance of helping others once you feel confident in your own understanding, and of relying on your memory to answer quiz questions, in an Instagram post.
Test yourself
We build quizzes into every course, so you can regularly benchmark yourself and reinforce your understanding of key concepts. You receive instant feedback on fill-in-the-code questions, multiple choice questions, and true or false questions, so you’ll be able to assess yourself immediately, with a score to back up that assessment.
Codecademy Pro members have access to quizzes on every concept we teach, from Amazon Alexa to Vue.js. Use code LEARNBETTER before 9/20 to get 25% off an annual Pro plan.
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